Flasher Finalised

It’s been a few months, and things have slowed down just a little. That said, things have been happening, and now I think we’re entering the final push for the demo.

Cubes – all but done

First of all, the Flasher cube, including dodecahedron-based (NOT an icosahedron) LED core, I think is at a point where we can make a load of them and call that element “done”, or “good enough”! The core is now 12-sided, with an LED at the center of each side. It’s split into 2, with a screw-in pipe for the wires providing power to come along:

The main body is now much, much thinner.  After many, many iterations, the thinner the outer wall, the brighter it appears when hit from the inside. The LED “bulb” in the center is fairly far away, and lights at many angles, so by the time the light has traveled to the wall, I’m hoping it’s fairly evenly-spread.

What’s next here? Actually finish one, then print another 3: another red one, and two blue ones. That’s enough for the first demo, flasher-wise.


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