Arudino joy! A lesson in tolerance. And the wisdom of crowds!

5V here we go

First, Rocketct from Arudino posted a great comment: – which effectively confirms that the board CAN generate 5V without a USB cable, and indeed it’s just my missing resistor that caused my (days and days and days of) problems!

I’m chatting with Arudino support for a couple of replacements, and ordered a 3rd straight from the Arudino store (as opposed to Amazon UK). Watch this space!

CAD is not the real world

Here’s a snapshot of the first 3d printed version of the Pointer, the hits-per-minute meter:


Here’s a good tip: if you have a 10mm peg, it will not fit in a 10mm hole, at least, not if both are 3d printed.

From some quick research it looks like it’s a case of trial-and-error to find how much “extra” space to leave, and is very much dependent on the printer being used, and print settings.

I settled for ~0.15mm, which is a tight fit, but allows stuff to stick together pretty effectively. To avoid putting stress on prints I think 0.2mm is probably better.

Crowdsourcing AI training data!

After updating the BeatBrain collector mod to support uploading straight to an API, I thought I might try dropping some info and a link on the Beat Saber subreddit to see if one or two people might pick it up and share some data.

I also posted on the Beat Saber modding Discord, which got quite a lot of interest. As of a day or so later, here’s a chart of the number of recordings (more than a thousand!), number of different songs (399) and total users (25).


What’s next?

I’ve started digging around and researching options for the ‘blockchain’ aspect of the demo. Right now it feels like recording a history of recorded data and playthroughs onto an immutable ledger might be an idea to allow someone to build up a kind of “fingerprint” for their movement data (like a biometric?). This could tie into the ‘cybersecurity’ part of the demo, which could detect ‘fraudulent’ recordings..

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