Quick update – AR markers, 5V

The Vuforia API – the one that lets you generate unique VuMarks – is quite painful to understand. They use a HMAC-SHA1 signature, which is fine, with an MD5 digest of some request fields, which is fine, but somewhere along the line it’s not adding up, and there’s just a generic “authentication failed” message. On top of that, the API is only available on the paid “Pro” plan, which has no pricing info, and I’ve not heard back from sales.

I’ll probably just have to generate one or two placeholders manually for the demo, then.. Ah well.

In good news though:


Huzzah! My boards were just missing a resistor thanks to a manufacturing fault, and with a little coding, I’m able to generate 5V (5.1V, in fact) while on battery. Very next steps… big ol’ flashers!

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