BeatBrain lives!

Today I’ve spent some time finishing the initial release of the BeatBrain API. It’s now up and running for testing purposes and basically provides just one endpoint.

I reads “telemetry” data (position and rotation of head and hands, along with Beat Saber level/settings metadata), and stores them. The metadata goes to a SQL database, along with all kinds of stats and helpful data pulled out which will facilitate some of the later stages of the project. The movement data goes to Google Storage (is that really the best name they could come up with?) – split into ~100kb “chunks” for easier addressing. Each chunk also has a header in SQL indicating its relative start/end time.

While the first few “full” Flasher prints are a-printin’, next up is making sure the mod works with the latest Beat Saber release (OST3 is just out!), and then hooking up the BinaryWriter to write straight to a web request stream, rather than a file one…

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