Flasher – full test!

MOSFET and LEDs with discrete resistors are all hooked up. After adding some beefy capacitors to allow for a chunky flash, I was able to test it out, albeit it with the solid white prototype (the next ones will be transparent / translucent – much flashier, I hope!) –

Everything went pretty well with this one, although the wiring isn’t super neat, I’m not really concerned about that at this stage!

The firmware/mod is working well, too: without adjusting anything, it still auto-detects any devices on the WiFi, and looks to have very low latency indeed šŸ™‚

I suppose I was hoping the LEDs would diffuse into the whole cube a little more (and be a little less like “point” lights), but other than some fancy lightpipe geometry within the cube walls, I think that’s going to be very tricky indeed.

The blue LEDs are much brighter than the red, but there’s not much that can be done about that, I think. My iPhone camera seems to have difficulty dealing with the brightness of the reds already, and in low ambient light the whole thing really is significantly flashy and bright, even with the solid white prototype.

Next up for this is refining the design to exclude the separate MOSFET board fittings, and the real transparent prints!

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